The reason for this page is so we can record the memories our visitors have about Burgertime.  Over the years I have had many people leave me messages on the Message Board, Guest Book, and in email on how they first came to play Burgertime.  So now anyone who feels like it can now email me on how they started playing Burgertime or what Burgertime means to them or any other memories or stories they have about the game they would like to share with us.   Thanks ckmontana

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Submitted by Kathy Smout on Monday, January 8, 2007

Posted by ckmontana on 2007/02/05

Hi! I too, don't know why I didn't Google Burger Time sooner.  I got hooked on Burger time back in the early 80's...probably 82 or 83....I know my son was a baby.  We had gotten an Intellivision and maybe Burger Time came with it..Im not sure.  Anyway, by the time my daughter arrived in 1984, I would rock her to sleep while playing Burger Time. She cried allot those first few months, so we rocked allot while I built burgers.  In 1987 we upgraded to a Nintendo. Of course, my first game purchase was a Burger Time.  I got so good at the game at this point, I could find no Rival...I'm sure they were out there...but I hadn't met them.

My son who is now 24 refuses to play Burger Time with me....although he has had all the home games...he still can't beat me at Burger Time....he even asked me a year ago if I would mind if he sold our old Nintendo....regrettably I said yes.

I've been thinking of my old friend the Chef lately and decided to Google him online! And wouldn't you know it, there he was like finding an old lost friend.

Kathy (age 46) :)
Submitted by Jennifer on Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Posted by ckmontana on 2005/05/11

Hello, I just discovered your wonderful Burgertime page!  I had Intellevision as a kid and my brother, sister and I played Burgertime all the time, it was one of the best games we had.  I still have my working Intellevision game set and occasionally blow the dust off it (sometimes literally, remember having to do that to make the games work?) and play a few rounds. 
The other day, while browsing on my cell phone's browser for a new game, I discovered that they had Burgertime for my phone!  I was so happy and excited!  It is a little different, the screens are different and the hot dogs are much much smarter.  I always remember the hot dogs being pretty stupid and the eggs and pickles were the smarter guys.  I haven't gotten to any pickle levels on my phone, though, since it is a little harder to manipulate, but it is still fun!
I think of Burgertime every time I go to Burger King, since their drive-through electronic sounds, sound just like some of the sounds on Burgertime!
Thanks for having a great site!


Submitted by James Allen on Monday, December 20, 2004

Posted by ckmontana on 2005/01/15

I enjoyed reading your personal history of your BT experience. Why I never thought to do a search for BT before now? Anyway, here's my own tale. I discovered BT in Springfield, MO at the Bally's Arcade at the mall where I worked part time, while in college. I really wasn't into the games much, a little Pac Man but most of them were boring or required too much personal loss of brain tissue. So I noticed that there was this new game that was gathering a select crowd. We had opened the new arcade and had as I recall, three regular stand ups and one, maybe two sit downs. So I started playing on breaks with the few spare tokens I'd find that kids dropped. Usually I just gave them away but when I discovered BT that ended and I began playing the game when I got off of work. I eventually maxed it out and rolled it over. That was in '83. I graduated and moved to Tennessee in '84 and travelled in the South a lot. One day I stopped to eat lunch and noticed an arcade. I hadn't played in ages and had pretty much given up on finding BT again. But there it was and I started playing. Two hours or so later a crowd of kids had gathered around me and one stated loudly: "He mus' be da Burger King!" That oddly enough made me feel proud. You must be very happy indeed to have your own BT. Thanks for all of this info. I hope I can use it and be playing again. I still Jones for the original arcade game, not the home version that I found on Coleco Vision, but at least it helped. Keep those patties dropping and salt them dogs! I'm sure you get asked by everyone where to find one of the classic models all of the time, but I'd be interested if you know of any. I bet you have a waiting list.


James Allen

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