Super Burger Time Soundtrack 1990,1991 DATA EAST CORP.


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  Track # Time Minutes/Seconds File Size   Track # Time Minutes/Seconds File Size
Track #14 2m21s 2.99mb Track #15 19s 316kb
Track #16 2m06s 2.33mb Track #17 1m32s 1.64mb
Track #18 2m09s 2.39mb Track #19 1m41s 1.72mb
Track #20 39s 664kb        


Attention the tracks from this CD are now out of print and no longer being sold.  I make no profit from this and, only list these sound tracks as a reference for others.  If the owner of this material wishes for me to remove any or all of the songs please email me.  All Songs Copyrighted 1990, 1991 DATA EAST CORP.